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Artisan Accent Gel Colors

Your Personal Airbrush Studio

What is it?

The original Dilution Solution which has been out in the market for nearly a decade. Use it in pair with your Artisan Accent Gel Colors to create beautiful and vibrant airbrush colors. Simply mix your gel colors to your perfect shade, then add Dilution Solution before adding it to your airbrush machine. Available in 2 oz bottles for the hobbies and 8 oz bottles for professionals.


For vibrant airbrush colors, mix 1 part Color with 3 parts Dilution Solution


For translucent airbrush colors used in layering, mix 1 part Color with 4 parts Dilution Solution. 


For soft watercolor airbrush colors, mix 1 part Color with 5 parts Dilution Solution. Can be used with a paint brush as well; just make sure to allow project to fully dry between layers

Hot Tip

Adding a drop of Artisan Accent Snow White Gel will give the color a more opaque airbrush color. 

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