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About Us

Where color and science come together.

Sweet Color Lab is a family-owned business that specializes in the manufacturing of food coloring. Our operations are located in sunny Florida and are proud to be 100% Made in the USA. 

Our goal is to make color science simple for people to understand and replicate. Cake decorating is an art and we wanted to provide quality colors to help you achieve anything you dream of. Determined to create better products, our labs were hard at work on the perfect formula. The result was a water gel-based coloring that was more saturated and vibrant than previously available: Artisan Accent. However, due to the demand for chocolates and the lack of products available, our labs were able to create oil-based colors for chocolate and other mediums that contained a high-fat content: Chocolate Chameleon. 

Pink Cream

Sidney Galpern
Simi Cakes & Confections

When working with isomalt, the Dilution Solution has done wonders to really elevate our art. Being able to airbrush the colors not only gives the project more elegance, but it is also really easy to work with. 10/10 would definitely recommend it to anyone who does or wants to use airbrush techniques.


Sachiko Windbiel
MimiCafe Union

Sachiko is a sugar sculpting expert who mainly uses Sarachino fondant and Artisan Accent colors. There has yet to be a color she can't create or a figure she can't make. 


Susan Trianos
Learn To Cake

I have exclusively been using Artisan Accent Gel Color, Chocolate Chameleon Colors, Dilution Solution and Color Flow since their inception. The colors are super concentrated, have great dispensing cap, and I can use the basic core colors to create all the colors I need. This saves me money and space in my studio. I believe in them so much, that they are the ONLY products of their kind that I sell in my shop.

Our Brands

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