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A Revolution In Cake Decorating

What is it?

SmartFlex is a premium-quality sugar paste. Allowing you to craft your art with professional products and a taste that makes even the pickiest of eaters fall in love. It's firm yet flexibility makes completing all your edible art projects a breeze. 

All SmartFlex products are 100% Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Lactose-free, Nut-free, Egg-free, and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Shelf life is 15 months after manufacturing and is listed on the packaging. All products and packaging follow both the U.S. FDA and EFSA standards and regulations.


Finally, fonfant that actually tastes good! Firm yet flexible, SmartFlex's Velvet fondant sugar paste is of the finest quality, allowing you to cover your cakes with ease. It has a silky-smooth feel and is extremely elastic, making rolling out thin layers or stretching over cake a breeze. It is also structurally firm at the same time. This allows you to create large, challenging, and intricate shapes and designs. Once dried, it will retain the shape, texture, and color. No bleeding, discoloration, cracking, or elephant skin. It is now available in 3 delicious flavors.

Tip: For the best color, use Artisan Accent Gel colors. Can also be used with the Chocolate Chameleon color; however, will need extra time to completely dry. 


Smartflex Modelling paste has a soft velvety smooth feel and finish. It is very easy to shape and will hold/retain sculptured markings due to its structural properties.

The modeling paste will keep sufficiently flexible and pliable enabling the artist to sculpt in harmony. When the paste dries completely there are no cracks or crusting on the surface. A favorite go-to paste for modeller’s which is easy to color and has a delicate vanilla flavoring.

Tip: For the best color, use Chocolate Chameleon oil-based colors.


This white vanilla flower paste has a velvety smooth feel. It is very easy to shape and roll - perfect for predominately making sugar flowers. It can also be used for modeling. This paste is widely used for projects that require a faster drying time i.e. sugar flowers. SmartFlex's Flower paste works brilliantly in either mild or high-temperature environments. Having a soft elastic consistency is paramount to hold the delicate veining essential for high-end sugar flower art.

Hot Tip

Dont need the whole packet for your project? Cut what you need from your SmartFlex packet, then firmly wrap up the rest with plasticwrap. Place into a ziplock or air tight container until its next usage.

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