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Color Flow

Paint with Peace of Mind

What is it?

Color Flow is a "spirit-free" solution that takes the place of your typical vodka when converting luster dust and petal dust into a paintable medium. This luster dust "conditioner" is ideal for people who need high-quality painting materials without the stress and guesswork of everyday alcohol and lemon extracts. What's more, it smells like your choice of lemon or vanilla, no noxious fumes here!


Color Flow is safe to consume for children and adults of all ages. Those with religious beliefs can consume Color Flow as a painting substitute for traditional vodka and alcohol. 

Fast Drying

Color Flow dries fast just like traditional vodka. It is recommended to mix small quantities at a time to prevent the mixture from drying out too fast. Always make sure to close the twist-top bottle after every use.

How to use

In a small container, scoop in the desired amount of luster or petal dust. Add Color Flow a few drops at a time until it reaches the desired consistency. Close the twist-stop and then mix the dust and liquid. Use a clean, food-only paintbrush to paint your project. Periodically, add more dust or color flow as needed until your art is perfect. 

Hot Tip

Great for painting on fondant, gum paste, pastillage, chocolate confections, and royal icing. It can also be used to dilute luster dust to create airbrush colors. Best to be used in small batches or if your airbrush color cup has a lid to prevent evaporation.

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