Susan Trianos

Owner of Susan Trianos Custom Cakes

"From the very first time I used Artisan Accents Gel Colours I was hooked!  The first thing I noticed was the ease of use, with their no mess nozzle, let’s face it, mess from food colouring is not fun!  I get the truest, most concentrated colours with them and absolutely LOVE that I can create my own custom colours by just using the 10 core colours and the Formulation Guide (which is conveniently accessible with the QR code right on the label).  This unique colour system saves me space and money...I love them.
Oh, and let’s not forget about Dilution Solution and Chocolate Chameleon colours!  Dilution Solution is another space and money saver.  With just one bottle, you transform your gel colours in to airbrush colours and even edible paints for your cakes and cookies, and don’t forget to use the Formulation guide for these applications too.
Are you a cake popper, or a buttercream caker? If so, I recommend you get a set of Chocolate Chameleon colours.  They are an oil based product that will completely emulsify with your chocolate and buttercreams or any other oil based dessert.  
This product line certainly brightens up my day, and my products! "

sydney galpern.jpg

Sidney Galpern

Certified Professional Chocolatier, Cake Designer, Sugar Artist

“This edible gel paint thinner is incredible, I use it on almost every one of my isomalt projects. If you have seen any of my tutorials you know how much I love adding Dilution Solution when painting on isomalt, fondant, and gumpaste!"


Reva Alexander-Hawk

5x Food Network Champion

“I love my Artisan Accent Colors, I bring them along every time I do a television completion, teach my classes and when I am making cakes in my shop because I am certain to achieve just what I am looking for each time I use them. Consistency is the key and Artisan Accents delivers!”